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The firm C.J. Viljoen & Co. was established in Johannesburg in 1988. It grew consistently over the years. In 2010, C.J. Viljoen & Co. joined the Infinitum Accounting Solutions network and today, it is one of the largest accounting firms in Kempton Park, boasting a long-standing and well-established history of excellence.

At Infinitum Accounting Solutions, our business is built on fostering long-term relationships and providing service of the highest professional quality. We want to gain a deep understanding of your business needs and comprehensive insight into your business operations, so that together, we can plot a path to preserving and improving your success and profitability.

With our specialized knowledge and expertise, our belief in fresh ideas and close consultation with our clients, we constantly strive to ensure that you can make smart business decisions based on accurate analysis and experience.

With us as a business partner, you know you are working with a team that understands the challenges of the local business environment. A team dedicated to fostering personal and individual relationships. A team committed to delivering the best possible solution for your business needs.